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Staff Software Engineer, Android

Paris, France
€90 - €150 EUR yearly
Looking for someone to join us as one of the first members of the Android team. This means participating in all design and product decisions of the early days of product centric company.

In the initial months, you'll be working closely with the founding team, gradually taking ownership of central components and features. Given our early stage, we're seeking a versatile engineers comfortable contributing to various aspects of the company's foundation.

We value team members who delve deep into their respective domains, aiming to cultivate a team of subject matter experts. This commitment to expertise is an expectation for every team member.

As a Staff Android Engineer, your day-to-day will include:

Feature Development

You will be at the forefront of delivering unique and high-quality UI features in a fast-paced environment. We encourage pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and your expertise in low-level APIs, shader creation for dynamic effects, and custom rendering systems will be invaluable.

Platform Development

Active participation in creating and enhancing the platform is part of your role. This involves contributing to the development of code-generated libraries, synchronization of server-client configurations, and the implementation of cross-platform, real-time, type-safe analytics systems.

Roadmap Creation and Ideation

You will be a key player in the roadmap creation and ideation process. Your experience will be essential in identifying tradeoffs and bringing valuable ideas from both product and engineering perspectives.

Knowledge Sharing

We value continuous learning and knowledge sharing. Your active participation in staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, attending conferences, engaging in online communities, and sharing your insights internally will contribute to our collective growth.

Your Skills & Experience

  • 8+ years of overall developer experience, with ideally at least 5 years of professional experience in native Android development using Kotlin or Java.

  • Good understanding of computer systems fundamentals (Program execution, Linking, Multithreading, etc.).

  • Professional experience in low-level languages like C, C++ or Rust is a significant advantage!

  • Experience in Graphics Programming using APIs such as OpenGL, Vulkan or Metal.

  • Passion and experience building consumer-facing products - we’d love to hear about apps you've made!

Life at amo

To ensure that everyone is set up for success within our way of working, we work together onsite 5 days a week (more about that here). 

We wanted to make sure coming to the office is as comfortable as possible for you:

  • We chose a location in central Paris, near Opera (Metro lines 3,8,9 and RER A).

  • We have a beautiful Parisian-style office with high ceilings, balconies, and huge windows. So a lot of natural light!

  • We reimburse your commuting expenses 100%.

Because life outside of work should also be stress-free, we cover:

  • Health care (100% coverage).

  • Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Second Parent Leave (salary maintained at 100%).

  • We shut down entirely twice a year β€” two weeks in the summer and one week in the winter to allow everyone to truly recharge and to avoid prolonged slowdowns (especially in the summer). This enables everyone to actually disconnect and enjoy their vacation. No Slack, no email, no FOMO. Per French standard, we also offer another 4 weeks to allow team members to choose when they want to take time off.

We love the diverse perspectives we get from having people from all over the world join us, and so we of course support relocation to Paris with: 

  • Help and sponsored visa process.

  • 1 month of Airbnb 100% covered by amo upon arrival.

  • Assistance from Settlesweet to find your permanent home.

  • Help with french paperwork like opening a french social security account, tax forms and more.

  • French lessons to be fully set with your new Parisian life.

This job is closed.