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Senior Android Developer

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RM10,000 - RM30,000 monthly
1. 负责Android客户端软件功能开发,架构和模块设计、维护、扩展
2. 负责客户端性能优化,提升稳定性和产品品质,发现并改进现有的软件架构及缺陷,解决项目过程中的各种故障和问题,不断迭代重构
3. 参与需求评审、技术评审,和产品经理、测试经理配合,深度参与手机产品需求讨论、功能定义、质量保证等工作
4. 编写研发文档,优化研发流程,提研发效率,证质量的前提下,按时完成任务
5. 跟进Android的新技术发展,保持技术迭代和专业性

1. 计算机及相关专业本科及以上学历,5年以上Android开发经验,有互联网产品经验优先
2. 精通Java或Kotlin语言,良好的编程基础,具有良好的编码风格和技术文档撰写能力
3. 熟练掌握安卓系统架构和工作原理,熟悉NDK、网络框架、渲染机制等,精通Android UI布局开发,动画开发,以及多线程开发
4. 具备一定的架构设计能力,能较好地完成模块的方案设计、熟悉Android的主流框架、开源技术(比如Android Architecture Components、RxJava、Retrofit等等),了解Android Framework、插件化技术的优先
5. 有性能调优经验,对稳定性、流畅性、耗电、卡顿、发热、组件化等常见性能优化方向有深入理解
6. 良好的沟通表达能力与团队协作能力,对产品细节有追求,优秀的自我驱动和自学能力

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for Android client software function development, architecture and module design, maintenance and expansion
2. Responsible for client performance optimization, improving stability and product quality, discovering and improving existing software architecture and defects, solving various faults and problems during the project process, and continuously iteratively refactoring
3. Participate in requirements review and technical review, cooperate with product managers and test managers, and deeply participate in mobile phone product demand discussions, function definitions, quality assurance, etc.
4. Write R&D documents, optimize the R&D process, improve R&D efficiency, and complete tasks on time under the premise of ensuring quality
5. Follow up the new technology development of Android, maintain technical iteration and professionalism

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in computer and related majors, more than 5 years of experience in Android development, experience in Internet products is preferred
2. Proficient in Java or Kotlin language, good programming foundation, good coding style and technical document writing ability
3. Familiar with Android system architecture and working principle, familiar with NDK, network framework, rendering mechanism, etc., proficient in Android UI layout development, animation development, and multi-thread development
4. Possess a certain architecture design ability, be able to complete the module-scheme-design well, be familiar with the mainstream framework of Android, open source technology (e.g. Android Architecture Components, RxJava, Retrofit, etc.), understand Android Framework, plug-in technology is preferred
5. Have experience in performance tuning, and have a deep understanding of common performance optimization directions such as stability, fluency, power consumption, freeze, heat generation, and componentization
Possess good analytical and problem-solving skills, and develop technical tools to efficiently complete online problem tracking and positioning
6. Good communication skills and teamwork skills, pursuit of product details, excellent self-driving and self-learning ability