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Evergreen Writer for AndroidPolice.com

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United States

This position will operate on a remote, freelance basis. Applicants must be located in the US or Canada. 

Are you an impeccable writer with a passion for everything Android? Want to work in a fast paced, collaborative environment from home while monetizing your love for technology?

AndroidPolice.com is looking for Evergreen Feature Contributors to cover informative Android how-to articles, as well as topical roundups or lists. With your skillful writing and tech expertise, you will help readers fully leverage their Android devices and apps.

The Android Police team is constantly scouring the Internet for the latest Android news, sharing tips, tricks, tutorials, videos, and podcasts, reviewing devices, apps, and games, and keeping track of custom ROMs and hacks.

Necessary expertise is required in at least one of the following areas:

  • Android smartphones
  • Android tablets
  • Smart home gadgets (security cameras, smart speakers, and more)
  • Wearables (fitness trackers and smartwatches)
  • Audio products (headphones and speakers)
  • Mobile apps, progressive web apps, and other online platforms/services

Job Responsibilities

  • Write a minimum of 8 Evergreen Feature articles per month, with no upper limit
  • Stay up to date on the latest Android news, products and updates
  • Coordinate with the editorial team for assignments and feedback
  • Generate and pitch concise and relevant ideas/topics for articles, if needed
  • Input work into our in-house CMS according to our guidelines

Application Requirements

  • CV 
  • Cover Letter (tell us why you want to write for us!)
  • 2-3 tech articles you've written that demonstrate your writing abilities

Applicants must have a self-starter attitude and possess the following requirements

  • Relevant experience in writing and editing in the English language
  • Ability to breakdown complex topics
  • Expert knowledge and broad familiarity of Android products or apps
  • Own or have access to an Android phone running Android 12 or later
  • Must be located in the US or Canada

The hiring team at Android Police will be back to you as soon as possible if we think you'd make a solid addition to the team. Only applications containing relevant writing samples will be considered.

Please note that we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism on our site. Any AI content generating tools are also forbidden from use. Therefore, any evidence of plagiarism within your work or AI-generated content will result in the rejection of your application.