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Engineering Manager

$3,000 - $3,000 yearly
Job Description

At Slash, we rely on our dynamic team of engineers to solve the many challenges and puzzles that come with our web3 journey. We’re seeking an Engineering Manager who will join our team and push its boundaries. We are still a small team, so you will be acting across multiple roles such as Tech Lead, Product Manager, Project Manager and Architect. The main task will be to lead the tech team as a leader representing Slash and to perform engineering tasks on your own as needed. Since the CTO is currently responsible for many of these tasks, we will begin by collaborating with the CTO and decentralizing roles.
Our ideal candidate has experience Tech Lead or Engineering Manager. Self-propelling and fast catch-up on tech, operations and business.
You’ll be joining our tech team working at solving the challenges that impact all over the world, and deliver amazing global user experiences.

Objectives of this Role

-Lead designs, implements, and refines product development, testing, and manufacturing processes with engineers and stakeholders.
-Manages staff and assigns tasks to engineers.
-Leads teams in maintenance and development of products, solutions, and processes.
-Oversees project logistics and resource allocation.
-Advocates on behalf of team members by securing adequate resources for success.
-Communicates technical information to non-technical stakeholders.
-Collaborates with other team leaders and departments.
-Work with agile development methodologies, adhering to best practices and pursuing continued learning opportunities.
-Contribute to recruitment.

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

-Lead in all aspects of agile software development including design, implementation, and deployment.
-Lead designing and building the architect of end-to-end systems optimized for speed and scale.
-Work first with Vue.js, Javascript, PHP famous web frameworks, Docker containers, AWS and lead the technical development beyond.
-Engage with all the business development and designer leaders and all the engineers.
-Collaborate across time zones via Slack, GitHub, Google Docs, Notion, Discord and video conferences.
-Work in the APAC timezone completely remotely.

Required Skills and Qualifications

-2+ years of Experience as a Tech Lead or Engineering Manager in a team of 10+ people consisting of business development, designers, and engineers.
-At least one suggestion for improvement or development of Slash's business or system at the interview stage.
-Knowledge of Javascript, Front end framework such as Vue.js and React, PHP and application architecture. Or be able to explain logically how to catch up on technical elements that you have no knowledge of and be committed to doing so.
-Experience using Self-Custodial Wallets such as MetaMask.
-Experience purchasing crypto tokens and NFTs
-Fundamentals of EVM and Solidity. For example, completed Cryptozombie, read Mastering Ethereum.
-Fluent in English.
-Be able to understand at least 50% of the Japanese on without any translation software.

Preferred Qualifications

-Experience or Management of building dapps
-Familiarity with web3.js or ethers.js
-Familiarity with DEX AMM
-Experience building AWS based infrastructure.
-Experience using AWS based managed services to reduce development time.
-Fluent English communication.
-Able to speak Japanese or Vietnamese.
-Interest in in learning new tools, languages, workflows, and philosophies to grow.
-Professional certifications.
-Experience in developing payment system projects.
-Experience in designing and building batch architectures in both on-shot and daemon.
-Architectural design experience in asynchronous processing such as event-driven, queueing systems, resident daemon loops, timed batches and one-shot batches.
-Knowledge of the mechanisms to make DevOps work. For example Automated infrastructure, Automated Testing, CICD, Observability Awareness, IRC and IM robots and Scrum.

Salary: Negotiable
Location: Remote - Worldwide