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Android Reverse Engineer (APK) - USA

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United States
Role: Android SDK Reverse Engineer

min. practical experience of 3-5 years.
 Role Description:
The Android SDK Reverse Engineers conduct reverse engineering, security assessments, and code reviews for Android SDKs. They conduct, collaborate, and assist with complex de-compilation, unpacking, code review, and potentially malicious mobile software reviews. 

Core Skills:
  • In depth understanding of Android Developer Architecture / Android Developer Framework
  • Java Programming (preferably with knowledge of C++, Java Scripting, Kotlin)
  • Understanding of Android Security 
  • Review of applications and SDKs to detect malicious or inappropriate behavior by analyzing, unpacking and reverse engineering software that compromises Android devices.
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Experience with any Reverse Engineering tools such as Jadx, Ghidra, Frida, IDA Pro, Burp, to perform binary and APK/SDK analysis
  • Code reviews for security policy violations, vulnerabilities, or improper coding practices

This job is closed.