Android Engineer - Product



Remote Friendly

Showtime Networks seeks a top Android Engineer. We are looking for someone ideally with full stack application experience that is hardworking, innovative, self‐motivated, a quick learner, and eager to develop new skills. In this position, you will take a key role in developing our award‐winning SHOWTIME stand-alone streaming service and Showtime Anytime applications across multiple Android‐based platforms, including phone, tablet, Android TV, Fire Tablet and Amazon Fire TV.
At Showtime, we’re crafting the future of television, pushing onto new platforms... And along the way, we get to play with some incredible tech. You will be involved in all stages of Android development including coding, architecture, and final testing; work as part of an Agile team to deliver high quality applications; collaborate with the product team to plan, craft and execute new features.
Key Technologies: Kotlin, Java, Android SDK
Basic Qualifications
  • Specialist in Kotlin, Java and Android development
  • Great communication and collaboration skills, with a strong teamwork ethic
  • Knowledge of client/server architectures, syncing and caching approaches
  • Experience writing and debugging multi‐threaded code
Additional Qualifications
  • Full stack‐developer that can work on both the front‐end and back‐end of an application
  • Experience with streaming video, codecs, and DRM

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