Android Developer, Learn Flutter



Remote Friendly

$62,000 - $77,000 annually

This remote role is for UK and European residents only. You need to be able to get to Leeds 1-3 times a year. And have plenty of overlap in hours with your teammates.

Pocketworks is looking for an Android Developer to help us create well-architected native apps for our clients.

You will also be learning and using Flutter, which is one of the fastest-growing mobile frameworks for cross-platform development.

Because you'll have to work on complex apps and collaborate closely with clients, we suggest you have about 3+ years of industry experience if you want to apply.

You will be working alongside a small team of other developers, designers and testers. We're a close team, so you'll also find Pocketworks to be a collaborative place where people are happy to jump in and help when you need it.

You'll enjoy working with us if you care about some/all of these things:

  • Clean code that is well structured with a nice separation of concerns
  • High quality mobile user interfaces to native guideline standards
  • Writing unit tests in a pragmatic way to speed up refactoring and development
  • Demoing working software every week or two
  • Interest in product stuff - back-end dev, UX, design, marketing or analytics
  • Working closely with clients, caring enough to ask questions and challenge
  • Working with a truly self-organising team that is transparent and flat in structure
  • Being involved in user research, front-end dev or product management. Many of the team have broad expertise.

What is the package?

  • £45,000-£55,000
  • Work wherever you want (home, office, coffee shop, beach etc)
  • 99% remote, you only need to come to Leeds for important client meetings, onboarding or company events
  • If you want, work from our open and bright office in the centre of Leeds near restaurants and bars.
  • 23 - 28 days holiday

    • 22 days holiday + 1 day per year at Pocketworks
    • Never work on your birthday
    • No working over Christmas (2-5 days additional gifted holidays)
  • It's hard to socialise right now, but we used to do a lot of lunches & beers
  • £1,000 annual training and learning budget
  • You’ll receive a modern MacBook and any accessories you need
  • You own your company laptop after 3 years.
  • Discretional bonuses given

Remote Working

We are a remote-first company so this is a remote role for candidates that are able to come to Leeds when needed (1). You can use the Leeds office if you are local and you want to, quite a few of us bob in on a weekly basis but it is not mandated.

(1) We all agreed to come to the Leeds workspace if it's really needed, such as important client events, major social events or when onboarding new teammates.

What does Pocketworks do?

In a nutshell, we help companies launch apps and digital platforms that give customers and employees a better experience. We usually have 4-7 app products that we're working on at any time. Some last 3-6 months, others are under continuous development.

When doing software development, we aim to create robust, clean code that can be maintained for years. It’s about finding that pragmatic balancing point between best practice and speed.

What is the culture like?

It’s positive, relaxed, with a focus on getting good work done. We’re a very sociable and close-knit team of 12 people. We like short meetings that focus on getting stuff done. There is barely any hierarchy here, the team are all very responsible and just crack on with stuff. We speak candidly to each other, not much bulls**t. We value honesty and transparency, very little information is hidden from anyone.

What technologies will I use at Pocketworks?

  • Most of our apps are native mobile apps.
  • We use Kotlin and Flutter for Android.
  • Some legacy projects have Java (Android) code.
  • Our backends are written using Phoenix/Ruby on Rails, while the frontends tend to use VueJs/React.
  • We use CircleCI for Continuous Integration.

What kinds of projects will I be working on?

Our mission is to find challenging projects that genuinely help our clients improve their businesses. Some recent examples include:

  • Mobile apps for use in a warehouse environment for configuring racking impact sensors
  • An app to allow yacht owners to control their underwater lighting
  • A smart-home app for controlling appliances
  • A booking app for a UK-wide taxi firm with 74,000 DAU’s.
  • A booking app for a popular hotel chain
  • Apps to streamline how construction companies work

What kinds of work will I be doing day to day?

  • Developing native Android apps from scratch using the Android SDK, Kotlin or Flutter
  • Adding features to existing Android apps
  • Helping the design team in idea sessions and feasibility
  • Peer reviewing the work of other team members
  • Educating others about the latest advances in Android
  • Attending the daily standup
  • Helping shape the future of the business

What skills might I need to demonstrate during our chats/interviews?

  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Flutter (or keen to learn)
  • Good knowledge of the Android SDK
  • Handling multiple screen sizes/densities
  • Android Jetpack
  • MV* Architectures, we prefer MVI
  • Writing clean and maintainable (testable) code
  • Integrating with REST APIs
  • Network and data caching
  • RF-based protocols like NFC, BLE
  • App distribution via HockeyApp
  • Publishing apps to Google Play
  • Enterprise app development and distribution
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